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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christine might move to Utah, Coral Sand Dunes, Utah

My friend Christine and her husband Meat (short for Miedema) lived in the woods. I don’t know why but they preferred outdoor plumbing, candlelight, and being off the grid. In order to visit you had to park two miles away and walk in, snowshoe in, ATV in, snowmobile in…………you get the picture. When Christine turned 62 she started considering the possibility that at some point they were going to have to give up the good life and perhaps move to an easier life close to her son and granddaughter in Utah. Hard to imagine Christine and all those Latter Day Saints, but hey. When her sister passed away, Christine gave in to her inner yuppie and got a Blackberry, new teeth, a flat screen TV and even managed to drag the Direct TV installer into the woods. All of a sudden the woods came complete with a composting toilet and looked more like easy street. This sand came from one of Christine’s many trips to Utah to visit Chris and Kiley. R.I.P. Christine Miedema.

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