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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Vote for Richard Nixon, Danang, Vietnam

Brian Cabral and I went to school together, all the way from kindergarten through senior year. While we were in elementary school, Brian’s dad was overseas serving in the Vietnam War. Every week at show and tell we followed Mr. Cabral’s progress while contributing to the war effort by looking sadly at our MIA bracelets. While her husband was away, Mrs. Cabral drove the Proctor Elementary school bus to make ends meet. The morning after Richard Nixon’s landslide victory against McGovern, she wouldn’t let us on the bus until you promised that your parents had voted for Nixon. Unfortunately, everyone got on the bus.

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  1. wow....well i can happily say that i would not have got on that Bus! My father is a die hard Democrat. I do recall that out of all my friends, only one...who father actually owned his own business voted for Nixon. I can remember Doors Light My Fire long version playing all that year during lunch.
    I am glad i was able to live during those times...people had hope, people made a war stop by non violence, people dared to dream for impossible things that did actually come to happen!