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Monday, November 1, 2010


When I was in 6th grade at Proctor Elementary my favorite teacher was Miss Ford. Doomed to forever serve as my impossible visual archetype, Miss Ford was very glamorous in an uglygirl/sophisticated/Diana Vreeland sort of way. Roman nosed, reed thin and oddly well dressed, she drove a mustang convertible to school, Isadora Duncan scarves and perfume trailing behind her. She looked like the type of woman who chain smoked for sport. The poor woman probably went home to her cats, but in the midst of our girl crushes we only saw impossible glamour.

Miss Ford was passionate for travel and wanted her 6th graders to think about their lives as world citizens. Not a commonly held view at the time. She was over the top crazy about her trips to Egypt and took us to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Egyptian collection. I don’t know about the boys in the class but the girls all wanted to be Miss Ford floating down the Nile in her Mustang convertible.

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