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Monday, November 1, 2010

Harbor Beach, York, Maine

Our beach (Long Sands) is considered the red headed stepchild of Harbor Beach which is about a mile down the road. Their beach is so much groovier than ours. It is surrounded by the elite Reading Room and Cliff Walk. Even the public bathrooms are more Martha Stewart genteel. Long Sands is better for dogs and walking but surrounded by economy motel rooms, fat tourists in Bermuda shorts, and the mullet crowd. No need to feel self conscious on this beach, there will always be someone homelier and fatter sitting one beach chair over.

There is a family I see out walking the beach most summer mornings and I’m insane with love for them. First you notice the tall, skinny, dad with the 80’s hair band mullet, then the two young sons with shorter mullets in training, and finally one renegade child who apparently didn’t get the business in the front, party in the back, styling memo. Ah, the glorious white trashiness of it all. I love Long Sands Beach.

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