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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dead Horse Beach, Salem, Massachusetts

When my step-sister Marianne was six her parents were busy getting a divorce so they sent her off to St. Josephs, a Catholic boarding school run by a French order of nuns. Not to overstate the obvious, but what? The place was a big, brick, lurking, monstrosity right out of the imagination of Steven King. Marianne remembers learning her prayers in French (charming) and lining up each morning for uniform inspection (twisted). All the six year old girls would kneel in a long line, showing that their uniform skirts were long enough to touch the floor. And good luck to you if it wasn’t. The nuns found sex lurking around every corner. Don’t ride your bike; you’ll lose your virginity. Don’t think impure thoughts, when you grow up Jesus won’t want to marry you. Well yeah, if you’re lucky.

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